Update on K-State’s New Equine Performance Testing Center

(Dr. Beth Davis) All Right. Well, hello and good morning. Welcome from the Kansas State University Veterinary Health Center and we are over at the Equine section. I’m Dr. Beth Davis, and I am joined by Kala Ade from GH2 Architects. We are just thrilled to be here today. Kala is here to give us an update on the progression of the Equine Performance Testing Center project. Where are we, Kala? (Kala Ade) Well, as you can see behind me, the form of the building has really started to take shape. The pre-engineered metal building structure was fully erected, all the cinder block walls have been installed, the concrete arena rail has been poured, and now we’re starting to really focus on the interior fit out of the building. Right now we have operations going on for installing the ceilings and the light fixtures, finalizing electrical and plumbing, we’re getting everything painted, and we’re getting ready to have the footing delivered next week. (Dr. Beth) Excellent. (Kala) Which, the footing is going to be a special blend, it’s from an industry-leading manufacturer, and it will be a blend that’s optimum for this facility because it will be dust free, won’t even require watering, but does have the proper amount of cushion and resilience to be able to have Dr. Davis and our colleagues be able to evaluate horses on it. (Dr. Beth) That’s fantastic. So, it’s actually going to be – have a little bit of a rubber feel to it? Is that right? (Kala) Right. There’ll be a polymer-coated sand, but it has a proprietary fiber in it. It really is a very lively product where horses will be able to walk or trot on top of it and have enough support, but also cushion for them to really have an optimum surface for evaluation. (Dr. Beth) That’s fantastic, we are really excited because we’re going to have that area where people can ride their horses at all gaits, and then we’re also going to have a hard-surface area where, in hand, they can be evaluated in a lunging circle or even in a trot-up area. (Kala) That’s right. And to further enhance that, those areas will have either walls for protection, or windscreens will be installed so on cold Kansas days like this, there will be a buffer to the weather elements to be able to help have a really comfortable environment for evaluating the horses in. (Dr. Beth) Excellent. Kala, how are you doing on the timeline? It seems like things are going fantastic. But, what are the specifics there? (Kala) We are really pushing to have completion of the construction by the end of February, and I know that that’s very exciting for you to be able to operate then, in the spring. And, I know that there’s been talk of plans for a Grand Opening event and details will be forthcoming on that, but it will be fully operational by March. (Dr. Beth) Absolutely, that’s fantastic. We’re targeting that; maybe mid-March we will be having a Grand Opening. We’re going to welcome the public and individuals that have helped with the process. We’re just thrilled about this project. Thank you so much for all of your help and the update.

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