Use Genomics to Improve Herd in Shorter Amounts of Time

(Jamie) Welcome back! Here’s the word on genomics from Montana rancher Hugh Bradley.
(Jena) When Montana rancher Hugh Bradley got the results from first DNA tests on his Angus herd he was surprised. They excelled in maternal traits, but he immediately saw where he wanted to make improvements. (Bradley) We got interested in that just to more or less improve my herd. And then eventually use it as a marketing tool. Trying to get more on the feeder side, get more, especially marbling, because that is my weak point from doing all my testing. (Jena) This is the fourth year the cattleman has used genomic testing to get information back on steers. Ultrasound scanning heifers provides more data for choosing replacements that will be good mothers and raise profitable calves. (Bradley) Definitely helping me refocus how I look at my bulls. Instead of more maternal traits as I have spent in the past, I’m looking more on the feeder side of it. (Jena) Bradley sells on the video auctions, but is keenly interested in making sure his calves add value for everybody. (Bradley) It’s not direct, but the thing is, if you get them making money, they’re going to want your cattle. So the feedlots…they can risk manage better, if there is less risk for them, they’re going to be willing to pay more for my cattle if they’re going to make money on them, hopefully they’re going to let me make money on them, so to speak, the trickle-down effect on them. (Jena) He says genomics are helping him make his herd better in a shorter amount of time. I’m Jena McRell.
(Jamie) Don’t go away – after the break it’s Plain Talk with Kyle and Duane Toews.

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