USSEC – Will McNair

(Male) Hi. My name is Will McNair. I’m with the U.S. Soybean Export
Council, also known as USEC. In the past, Kansas has funded a number of
projects for us. We have had I think three projects this past year. We have
one project that was going on in China, another project in the Americas and another project with an aquaculture feeding project. The projects, what we try to do here at USEC, at the U.S. Soybean Export Council, with the help from the states such as the Kansas Soybean Commission, is we try to create new uses for soybeans internationally and also try to increase international consumption of soybeans. So for example, we had a conference in Latin-American, aquaculture soybean conference and what we did is we
brought tougher a number of stakeholders and Latin-American aquaculture into Mexico and had them all talking about nutrition, some of the newer advances and why this is important is because the world is trying to consume more and more fish, more fish products, more shellfish, more shrimp and one of the critical important things that needs to go into aquaculture is a high protein diet. They need a much higher protein diet than most
other animals we raise, so we try to include as much, try to work with the nutritionists, try to work with different stake holders in the industry to get them to have a higher soy inclusion diet, so this works with a number of animals and it has actually worked quite well. Just an example of this is recently we were down in Ecuador with people from the, Dennis Hupe and Adam O’Trimble from the Kansas Soybean Commission and we were able to go to some of the farms that were actually involved in this aquaculture seminar that we had in the Americas and, so, we were able to see how they were able to include more soybeans into the diet of the shrimp and of the tilapia and we’re able to become better producers as a result and we’re able to produce more cheaply and this is interesting because Ecuador, just as an example, is the fifth largest importer of soybean meal from the U.S. and, in fact, this project that we had was covering three of the five largest soybean meal importers from the U.S. We included a number of people from Venezuela, from Ecuador and from Mexico and those three are three of the top five
soybean meal importers. So USEC, with the help from states and with the help from the Kansas Soybean Commission has helped to increase the demand for soybean meal throughout the world, which in turn, helps the Kansas farmers and the industry here in the U.S.


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