Veterinary Feed Directives

Dave) We’re here in Alta Vista tonight talking about Veterinary Feed Directives, which go into effect January 1, 2017. These feed directives will enforce the law as it has been written for a number of years on feed grade antibiotics. And will not allow the extra label use of these antibiotics. And so after January 1, 2017, a person will need a signed Veterinary Feed Directive before they can purchase feed with, for example chlortetracycline in it to use for their cattle. Or to buy a bag of straight chlortetracycline to use for treating respiratory disease in calves. The Food and Drug Administration has written this directive so that all of the feed grade antibiotics have veterinary oversight. In other words, the veterinarian has to be involved in the process of procuring this and the producers have to follow the instructions as written by the veterinarian according to the label. So, the producer is liable because they have to follow the directions. The veterinarian is liable because they’re stepping out there and saying this is what needs to be done and then the feed mill is also liable because they have to follow the directions, not only in what the veterinarian signs, but make sure that the directions on the label are followed. One of the big concerns as we do these meetings across the state is how we are going to deal with anaplasmosis with the Veterinarian Feed Directive because right now the labels are for control of the clinical side signs of anaplasmosis, which means we have to have clinical signs present before we can write the VFD for the chlortetracycline in the mineral. There’s several different labels and we’re trying to work through the logistics right now of how we’re going to handle this because we don’t have treatment levels and we don’t have prevention levels per se. So if we have to follow the letter of the law on the label, which right now it looks like we’re going to have to, we’re going to be in new territory on how we handle anaplasmosis.

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