Wabaunsee County Fair

(Jalyn) Hi, my name is Jalyn Davis and I’m part of the Maple Hill Hustlers
4-H Club. I exhibited pigs, cattle, buymanship, foods, and photography.
We’re here at the Wabaunsee County Fair and we’re about to hear from some
other exhibitors. (Cara) Hi my name is Cara Floch and we’re here at the
Wabaunsee County Fair and this is my 11th year in 4-H and my last year.
I’ve done everything from photography to sheep to pigs. I brought two
wethers to the county fair this year, one weighing 120 and one weighing
152. I feed my sheep two scoops of Honor Show Feed every morning and
night. I water them and keep a fan on them to keep ’em cool during the
day. And I shear them a few days before the fair. I also try to walk them
every night. My 152 wether won the county fair. This is my third year in a
row winning the county fair. This is my last year in 4-H. And I encourage
all youth to get involved in this organization, as it keeps you
responsible and it teaches you a good work ethic. (Mandy) My name is Mandy
Michaelis and I’m from Paxico, Kansas. I’m part of the Newbury 4-H Club
and I’m here at the Wabaunsee County Fair. I have been in 4-H for 12 years
now. I showed pigs, cattle, done photography, sewing, cooking and many
other things. This year I have a steer and a heifer. After the fair I’ll
take my heifer home and put her back into our herd to breed her. My steer
will be taken on to the processing plant. Prior to the fair I’d wake every
morning and feed them, put ’em underneath the fans for a while and then
take ’em out and rinse ’em. At night we feed ’em and then turn ’em out so
they can go eat some green grass. Being in 4-H has taught me some lifelong
lessons. (Britt) My name is Britt Michaelis, I’m from Paxico, Kansas, and
I’m in Newbury 4-H Club. I’ve been in 4-H for nine years, and I do
anything from photography, cooking, beef and this is my second year in
goats. I want to do goats because I want to learn a different species to
show. It’s something different that I could do. And I’ve had the privilege
of having grand champion goats for two years going. I take care of my
goats by going out in the morning and feeding ’em. I feed them Show Chow
Purina to get ’em ready for the county fair. I walk ’em quite often so
they’re ready for the show ring. And then I clip ’em and then I rinse ’em
every once in a while. I really enjoy 4-H and I have quite a few more.

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