Wildfire Donations Accepted by KLA Foundation

(Tracy Brunner) Hi, I’m Tracy Brunner, 2016 President of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association. I’m from Ramona, Kansas. That’s a small farming and ranching community in the Western Flint Hills. I’d like to tell you just a little bit about or talk a little bit about our spring weather. As always, the weather is a challenge for cattlemen, but even more so in the past month or two. We’ve been extremely dry – been challenged by wildfires. Wind has been extreme, the topsoil have dried out. It’s created many, many wildfires, some of those in the southern part of the state. The largest on record burning from three – upwards of 300,000 acres of farm and ranch and pasture land, devastating to those ranchers that were affected. Loss of livestock and property is enormous. If you’re so inclined, The Kansas Livestock Association’s Kansas Livestock Foundation, the non-profit benevolent arm of KLA is accepting donations and we’ll coordinate those donations to wildfire relief efforts for the ranchers. Very briefly, a couple of other things that are always on our mind: markets. Cattle market has not been as good lately so when you hear cattlemen gather and visit, they’ll likely include the market as well as the weather and some things that are on their minds. We have had beneficial rains over the majority of the state here in the last week and I would have to say that attitudes are sure looking up and everyone is invigorated by seeing the spring crops going in the ground and the green grass starting to emerge. So, it looks like we should have another good year in Kansas.

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