Weather Data for Agriculture

(Tim Marquis) I am with Weather Decision Technologies. We’re a weather data provider for agriculture. A lot of our groups that we’re involved with are SST and Beck’s Hybrid Seeds with and Agri-Trend in Canada. What we’ve been doing is providing high resolution, high quality, weather content into the seed companies that are out there and chemical companies to help assist with agronomic problems like when not to plant and yield modeling. As we know, we’ve seen lots of variation if you even take wheat crop you see one of the most standard pricing and output crop we used to have, and now the last four years it’s been like a roller coaster ride. It all has affects to do with changing weather and changing climate conditions. What we’re really noticing is that looking at 30 year average data is almost archaic now because it’s been changing so much beyond the old regime of temperature data and precipitation data from 30 years ago. We’re seeing much better analysis with 10 year trends or shorter term trends. And understanding how that changes and affects your fields is really important to helping increase your yield and really solve this global food production problem we’re facing in the industry by 2050. One of the things we want to make sure growers are aware of is that agronomists and growers can access this weather data and have the ability to even call a meteorologist if they’d like to with some of the services that we provide. And what we’ve really strived to do is be actually the gold standard or tesla weather, if you will, in the ag space. And we’ve had great success with that, especially with our precipitation products. And the great thing about this is that we have a service. We’re based in Norman, Oklahoma, and you can contact me at my email or my phone number which is 920-915-8807 and we can easily get you in touch with our meteorologist and forecast products to help you out on your field today and really get you on board with even long term forecasting as well.

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