What is HarvXtra

(Jamie) Welcome to Farm Factor! Let’s catch up with Duane and Jerry and learn about HarvXtra, new technology in alfalfa.
(Duane) Duane Toews joining you once again on AGam in Kansas and an opportunity while at the Kansas Forage and Grassland Council Annual Meeting and Winter Conference, a chance to catch up with Jerry Gano with Forage Genetics International. Jerry, you were one of the speakers at the conference this year and I understand from an alfalfa perspective some pretty exciting news was shared. (Jerry) Yes Duane, appreciate the privilege of visiting with you today and with those that are attending the conference here today as well. We are excited to be talking about new technology in alfalfa. And that’s the theme of the talk that I’ll be presenting today and we’re going to be looking at HarvXtra, which is a brand new technology being launched in here in early winter of 2015. (Duane) We think about alfalfa and improvements in production obviously. For those that are shooting for that high end market, not only tonnage, but quality is awfully important. (Jerry) It is. You have to have both the tonnage and the quality as a combination in order to access the highest dollar market that there is out there. And with the HarvXtra technology we’re able to achieve higher than normal quality in a product, as well as the ability to produce higher tonnage with delayed harvest. We can have either one of those or a combination of both of those. (Duane) Talking about those technologies. They don’t just happen. We don’t just happen to find those in the field. A lot of research that goes on by companies to make that happen. (Jerry) There is a lot of research. This type of research takes about ten years to develop and bring to the market place. And so, it’s been a road that has been run and we’re now at the launch point and excited about that. (Duane) Forage Genetics International, obviously the “Genetics” in the name but it is those genetics and a very large pool that you deal with to try and bring those very elite varieties to the forefront. (Jerry) There is a very large pool and it ranges in dormancies from Fall Dormant Three products, which is utilized in the northern United States and the mountain regions as well as in Canada, to non dormants, Fall Dormants E-10, which is utilized in the lower part of the United States as well as in to Mexico and foreign countries. (Duane) So tell us a little bit about from your perspective what advancements and why we’ve seen some of those, say in the last ten years? (Jerry) In the last 10 years we’ve introduced Round Up Ready technology in the alfalfa arena. That’s been utilized by thousands of growers throughout the United States with the huge benefit that’s accompanied that. Today we’re launching the HarvXtra technology, the reduced lignin segment of the industry focused on high yields along with very high quality. And in addition to that in the future we’re looking towards a product that will be called a bypass protein alfalfa, allowing producers to utilize more of the protein that is found in alfalfa. We’re excited to be looking forward to that day as well. (Duane) Our thanks to Jerry Gano with Forage Genetics International joining us at the Kansas Forage and Grassland Council Annual Meeting and Winter Conference in Manhattan, Kansas. Jamie, we’ll send it back to you in studio for more AGam in Kansas.

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