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(Daryl) I’m Daryl Strouts with Kansas Wheat Alliance. Kind of excited to be closing out the Wheat Tour 2015 this year. We had a lot of participants. One of the neat things about the tour this year, was we used the Kansas Wheat Yield Calculator app. It’s kind of a new app. We beta tested it a little bit last year. It’s still kind of in the beta testing phase again this year. It’s out there for a lot of farmers. It’s for Android and for iPhones. It’s a free download. And it really allows either farmers, or in this case, the tour people to put in the calculations, go out and make the counts in the field, put the calculations in there and it does the math for you, which makes it nice and easy. But it also has a couple of other formulas in there for those that want to use that. That would be the K-State Yield Calculation Formula as well as the Crop Insurance Calculation Form, so you can see those. It allows you to have your GPS coordinates saved, so you can kind of tag those. This year all the information is going up into the Cloud. The participants on the tour are sharing that. And so we can compile that in just a few minutes and then report that back as to how the apps working. the old spread sheets are doing too. So, one of the neat things, I think, especially is that people are sharing this and other things on Twitter and the hashtag- #wheattour15 for anybody that might be interested in kind of checking out and seeing what we’ve been doing. There’s a lot of pictures, a lot of good information really across the state and even those tours that went up into Nebraska and down into Oklahoma too. So, it’s been a neat use of technology this year. You don’t have to be in every carload, because you can kind of hear what every car load is doing. And then kind of consolidate all that back together in the evening when we get together with the reporting. And so all the calculations from the Wheat Yield app go up into the Cloud, which is kind of a mythical thing, I don’t really totally understand it myself. But Ray Asebedo is really the main developer of the app and so he’ll analyze that information and we’re not just getting information from the tour participants but also for farmers that are out there right now too. And he can sort those out and track those by GPS and then really kind of fine tune the information and that helps us make the app better. The next version of the app, which we hope to have available next year, we actually photograph part of it. So, instead of going out and counting tillers and measuring row widths and these kind of things which we’ll still be able to do of course, but it will be simply to point your camera on your phone at the field, take a picture and it will determine all that for you and give you a yield estimate. So we think that convenience, plus the fact that you don’t have to depend on people actually counting or miscounting, as the case may be, or mismeasuring, we’ll actually be more accurate in the future. So, if you want to find that you can either find it on the App store for the IOS version or you can find it on the Play store for the Android version. And it’s a free download and you can search either Kansas Wheat Yield Calculator, or just simply KWYC under apps. And you should be able to find it right away.

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