Why Tori Dickinson Added Sorghum This Year

(Tori Dickinson) Hello. My name is Tori Dickinson. I farm in Oswego Kansas, along the Neosho River. Today we brought you out to a field that has some good ground and some poor ground. We planted it a little, we planted 10 acres to corn and we planted the rest to milo. Milo are sorghum as some may know it. It’s a crop that is not grown very often in this area anymore but due to the fact that this ground doesn’t produce corn as well and I needed to rotate my crops, we came out here and we put some sorghum in the ground. Again, we are along the Neosho River, that’s off to my left and the corn and the milo is all from DEKALB. The biggest challenge is for the, I hire Farmers Co-op out of Columbus to do my spraying and the biggest challenge is to not spray my milo with chemical from the corn because it will kill the milo. We’re done a little different treatment this year and the chemical has roundup in it. My biggest weed pressure here is going to be Johnson Grass. About three or four years ago we switched over to a 20-inch row planter and one of the challenges with the milo is not planting it too thick. They recommend, around 5 pounds to the acre, which is around 60,000. We have found if we drop to around 40 to 45 thousand population, we get a lot better yield but it’s just a lot easier. One of the biggest problems with milo though that we had last year, which is the first year I planted it in probably 10 years, is we now have sugarcane aphids which is a lovely little critter. It makes all of our, it gives the leaves a wax and it creates problems with the combines, so that is something that we will have to treat as needed. Another learning experience and I have to learn how to do milo again after so many years of not doing it. Technology is changed, it’s just everything is just so different. Normally I am a corn and soybean producer but I had ground that really needed to have some rotation and that’s where the milo came into play. I have grown some wheat in the past but for some reason I have a problem growing the wheat and it’s producing and being able to pay for itself, but I can always grow corn and beans. We used to probably grow milo, so we grew it last year, we had real good results with it and we put it back up this year and it was probably just for rotation, because the beans after a while will get different diseases, the ground would take on different diseases and we get soybean aphids and just little different things about the rotation that helps eliminate some of the bug pressure and sudden death syndrome of your soybeans and that’s the purpose of the milo. The second we all planted it, I probably will not plant it next year, just for the fact I will have my rotation set back up or I can go back to my beans and corn again for a few years.

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