With Artificial Insemination Consistency is Possible

(Bob Cervera) One California rancher says if he couldn’t use artificial insemination, it wouldn’t be worth it. (Herb Holzapfel) I’d get out of the business, if I wasn’t able to make advances in genetics and cattle. The fun would be over. I’d quit if I couldn’t AI. I would, I would quit if I couldn’t use AI. Because of the improved genetics and the consistency and the consistency. You breed all your cows to one bull and you get something that’s consistency. (Bob) His uniform, bred heifers sell for a premium, and Holzapfel works to be sure his steer calves do the same. (Bob) Part of that includes a comprehensive 45 to 60-day preconditioning program before shipping. (Holzapfel) My worst fear, or the worst thing that can happen to you when you sell like that is for somebody to get your cattle and any of them get sick. That’s where feedlots lose all their money is in doctor pen and the death loss, and so if you can prevent that then your commodity is worth more. (Bob) He works to communicate more of that history to the next buyer. (Holzapfel) The ideal deal would be, I sell my calves and they come to the ranch and pick them up and they unload off the truck and they go to the feed bunk. They don’t run through the chute and get $20 worth of shots and a dewormer, because with my cattle, that’s all done, that’s my goal. (Bob) His mother brought some of the first Angus cattle to California in 1938. In kindergarten, he made up his mind: he would be a rancher. But that spark for the business is just as evident today. (Holzapfel) Calving is my favorite time of year because I’m always excited to see the next generation of genetics and see the babies. To see if the heifers I picked are good mothers, and their udders are good. That’s the fun time…when you get through that, then you just get to watch them grow. To be out there every day and watch them, that’s pretty cool. I love it. (Bob) I’m Bob Cervera.

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