Jamie) Welcome back! Let’s catch up with Duane and Jim Sears as they talk about Bayer Animal Health’s new product, Zelnate.
(Duane) Duane Toews for AGam in Kansas. We continue with some of the speakers from the KSU Beef Stocker Conference, a chance to catch up with Jim Sears with Bayer Animal Health. And Jim your topic of the day, talking about some things around BRD, Bovine Respiratory Disease. What a problem it’s been for the cattle industry for a long time and still continues to be an issue for us at times, sometimes worse than others. (Jim) That’s true. It’s an ongoing challenge, has been for a long time of course, in the cattle industry. Continues to be and we’ll be talking about that and some related issues. (Duane) As far as for stocker operators calf health, if they’re not healthy, they’re not growing. And for a stocker operator it’s pretty critical to get those calves cleaned up, straightened out and ready to go to grass. (Jim) That’s true. As with other segments of industry of course. But to grow and not only be healthy, but to grow and perform as they should, they need to be healthy. (Duane) So as far as respiratory disease and that whole complex, why is it that we haven’t been more successful at dealing with that particular issue? (Jim) Well, you probably said the key word there when you said complex. It’s a complex disease, there’s no single cause or cure. It’s a combination of many things. You kind of wrapped it up in one involving immunity, you know production cycles, all these kind of things. It’s a very complex disease. Stepping back a little bit on a larger view cattle as a species are a bit more prone to respiratory disease because of their anatomy and their composition. And so, it’s just part of how they’re built and how our market is. (Duane) As far as the event here, talk a little bit about some of the research and things that you’ve seen that you’re going to share with producers. (Jim) Well, we have a new product called Zelnate, which is an innate immune stimulant, a new technology just released to the market a few weeks ago. And it’s indicated for innate treatment of BRD around a stressful event. So, we’re going to be overviewing that for the producers here and trying to show them how it fits into the overall I guess, immunological picture, the BRD picture. And some things they might consider to discuss with their veterinarian, if they want to consider using this in their operation or things such as that. (Duane) And considering it affects all segments and aspects of the industry, the dollar loss to the industry I’ve heard, I don’t know that anybody really can put a pencil to it to a specific number, but it’s substantial. (Jim) Very definitely. You look at various reports, articles, efforts to document all of that- it’s all over the board, but there’s no question there’s, when cattle get sick, their production goes down, their economic opportunities diminish certainly, not to mention those of course that may not live. So, it’s an animal welfare issue as well as an economic issue. (Duane) Our thanks to Jim Sears with Bayer Animal Health joining us at the KSU Beef Stocker Conference in Manhattan. Jamie we’ll send it back to you for AGam in Kansas.
(Jamie) Thanks, Duane! Next K-State’s Glynn Tonsor with the AG Econ Department updates us about the cattle market.

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