Dr. Dan Thomson

Dan_WebsiteAGamDan Thomson is a third-generation bovine veterinarian and is an internationally recognized expert and leader in beef cattle production and health management. As director of the university’s Beef Cattle Institute, Thomson believes treating cattle humanely is not only right, it’s also good for producers’ bottom line. The institute sponsors a biennial International Beef Symposium on Beef Cattle Welfare. Thomson is the former chair of the OIE Beef Cattle Production and Animal Welfare Committee, an international animal health group that develops beef cattle production and welfare standards worldwide. A K-State faculty member since 2004, Thomson teaches courses in cow/calf, stocker and feed yard production medicine, welfare and nutrition. He has published 50 peer-reviewed papers, four book chapters and 186 abstracts. He has given more than 460 invited talks around the world on his research and experience in beef cattle welfare.

His research program has received more than $33 million in extramural grants, including $13.7 million to him as the principal investigator. He has worked with major advisory boards and committees for such industry groups as McDonald’s, the Food Marketing Institute, the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, American Farm Bureau, American Association of Bovine Practitioners and more. His expertise has been reported in many major media outlets, including CBS News, USA Today, New York Times and Los Angeles Times.

Prior to joining K-State, Thomson was director of animal health and well-being for Cactus Feeders in Amarillo, Texas, and was an associate veterinarian with Veterinary Research and Consulting Services in Greeley, Colo. He earned a bachelor’s in animal science and his doctor of veterinary medicine degree from Iowa State University, a master’s in ruminant nutrition from South Dakota State University and a doctorate in ruminate nutrition from Texas Tech University.

Dr. Thomson was most recently honored as one of the top 20 influential beef and dairy veterinarians at the American Association of Bovine Practitioners Conference.

Heather Newell

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Heather Newell is the Farming Unlimited partner who leads the team with her organizational skills. She also shoots and edits for Around Kansas and produces the final shows for all five days of AG am in Kansas. Heather learned to multitask early on as a media buyer for a large Topeka advertising firm. She then moved to the local NBC affiliate and became an award winning sales representative and Outstanding Employee of the Year. Her leadership skills were further developed through her community involvement with the Topeka Advertising Federation and Project Topeka. In 2007 she partnered with Karla Jennings to form Trinity Marketing Group, a full service Topeka advertising agency. She continues her role in the agency while also working with Farming Unlimited.

Karla Jennings


Karla Jennings is the Farming Unlimited partner who works on the administrative side.  She is the Renaissance woman who attaches closed captioning to all Farming Unlimited shows; writes everything from press releases to website content to advertiser commercials and handles follow up services for all Farming Unlimited advertisers.  Karla began her career at the local CBS affiliate, working her way into sales where she was honored three times as Sales and Marketing Executives Salesperson of the Year.  She then moved to the local NBC and ABC affiliates and in 2007 formed Trinity Marketing Group with Heather Newell.  While most of her day is spent in agency work, Karla loves her work with Farming Unlimited.

Keli Huddleson


Keli Huddleston is the Farming Unlimited partner who brings to the table a creative force second to none. She not only developed logos for DocTalk, AG am in Kansas, Around Kansas and That’s My Farm, but she also shoots and produces every DocTalk show and created DocTalk’s On the Road set. Her creative expertise was honed at the local NBC, CBS and Fox affiliates as Promotion Producer and News Director at KSNT TV; Promotion Director at WIBW TV and Creative Services Manager at KTMJ TV. She also served as Creative Services Director for TMI Weekly. Keli owned her own freelance production company before becoming a partner in Trinity Marketing Group and Farming Unlimited. She continues her creative work in the agency as well as Farming Unlimited.